Julie Lindh

JL Ageless System is the passion project of Julie Lindh, creator, and founder. A deep believer that beauty is only skin deep, Julie has built JL Ageless System around the philosophy, that to look good, you must also feel good. When your heart glows, your skin glows, too. With more than 15 years of experience as the developer of multiple lifestyle spa programs in and around the New York City area, Julie Lindh has established herself as a lifestyle beauty and skin care expert.

“I believe that beauty begins with the way you think about how you look and want to feel good. I try to identify what my clients really need, whether it’s to think more positively, feeling healthy in a way that radiates beauty from within or to find the best tools to help you look your best." -Julie Lindh


Ann-Sofie Forsmark

"I was 10 years old when I first engaged in sustainability by buying a piece of rainforest in Costa Rica with three friends. Sustainability and resilience has always been close to my heart and I am proud and happy to engage in ABLE Foundation where I hope my energy, experience and passion can be used to help others find their resilience and motivation to be the change where they are at. My motto is to be the change I want to see in the world, no matter how small and when we change together, we can change the world. 

I have 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry combined with 10 years in accounting consulting and auditing where I focused on the non-profit sector. I have also studied environmental disciplines at university and as a mum of two I feel an enormous engagement for sustainability all around."



Jani Saarisivu

Jani Saarisivu has an extensive background in business consultancy, with particular focus on the fields of learning,motivation and leadership development. Having spent over 20 years as an expat in the international community allows him to bring a broad global perspective into his areas of engagement. He combines his academic background in psychology, his lifelong love for sports and performance with his interest in habit formation to make action and implementation his field of expertise. He likes to say, "Why don't we just act like it's easy?!" and then uses his energetic focus to get things going.

"I believe people know what they need to do to live a healthy and personally sustainable life and know what they need to do to contribute more towards environmental sustainability. But, theory is not enough. As Chinese philospher Lao-Tzu pointed out, "To know and not do is to not yet know". Theory becomes knowledge only when we DO something with it. This is why I like action... And the world needs action. Now." - Jani Saarisivu

Fredrik Bengtsson

Fredrik Bengtsson has worked as a psychologist and organizational consultant, both as an author and writer. He is also the co-founder of ABLE. The common denominator in everything he does is to provide perspective on the profound paradigm shift, that we in the West are leaving behind an era to enter a new one. The purpose of his work is to inspire and guide to a life based on the balance and sustainability both in your own health and your common contribution to the surrounding environment.

“We live in a time of imbalance that requires new approaches to life. Raising awareness about the causes and providing guidance to people in physical, mental and emotional aspects is crucial to create a sustainable society.” - Fredrik Bengtsson


Tina Nordén

Tina Nordén has a medical background as a nurse and long experience from leading organizations in the field of pharmaceutical development. She is passionate about connecting with people in different formats and to make reality of innovative ideas.

Tina is a strong believer that sustainability begins with you and she creates from her passion instead of reacting on pressure. "What's the point of being a success in the eyes of society if you are not a success to yourself?”

"I'm dedicated to initiatives that contributes to a sustainable society that unites health, development and economic growth - and ABLE Foundation is all of this." - Tina Nordén





Tony Friede

Tony Friede is a tireless supporter and advocate for people who dare to journey beyond what is, into the possibilities of what could be.  Educated as an industrial engineer, Tony’s focus is on finding creative ways to help both Social Innovators and Technical Innovators scale their positive impacts out of their home markets and into the world at large.  An eight-year veteran of Vinnova and the Swedish innovation-ecosystem, Tony actively encourages everyone to consider taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the Swedish and European governments to dare to change the world.  After all, YOU are the only one who can.

“Individuals and small groups are the only significant sources of positive change; not companies, governments or countries.  This is why I believe in the power of people above all else.”  -- Tony Friede

ABLE Lounge

ABLE Lounge is the operational flower, which breaks down the vision into concrete actions, by defining the necessary measures and supporting individuals and organizations in performing the activities to achieve the goals, envisioned for Stockholm and the world.

Empowering People

We empower individuals with a holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional
wellbeing, offering inspiration, guidance and tools to explore those dimensions within
themselves and showing simple ways to integrate the qualities and challenges of today’s
urban lifestyle with a sustainable mindset.

ABLE Lounge curates holistic programs in harmony with any environment and audience. We offer businesses of any size a proactive healthcare strategy for employees, eliminating the need to find and engage many different suppliers to achieve a holistic approach covering all dimensions of human wellbeing. Beyond, our experts have an excellent track record of offering services to international corporations.

A partnership with us can also become an attractive additional customer offer for different businesses, such as hotels.

Our Services in a nutshell: Inspirational talks, workshops, coaching sessions, both one-on-one and group on-demand activities.

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Järntorget 78, 111 29 Stockholm