UN Sustainable Development Goals - 17 goals to transform our world

The SDGs, otherwise known as the Global Goals, are the UN’s universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. It is an appeal to organizations all over the world and of any size and nature to take on shared responsibility and showcase the implementation and the integration into everyday lives in various ways.

World Values Survey - Sweden and its values

The WVS examines people's values and beliefs since the 1980's and shows that they are a critical factor for economic development, the emergence and development of democratic institutions, gender equality and effective governance of societies. Once again, the latest survey points out Sweden's leading position in terms of strong values regarding freedom of the individual, openness, tolerance and inclusion.

Global development - Why Africa is the future

Many countries in the world are enjoying rapid economic growth, allowing them to steadily improve their living standards. Due to the immense global progress, the world can no longer be divided in ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ countries, but more accurately in 4 ‘world income levels’. Fortunately, an increasing number of the world’s population keeps advancing to the next highest income level, resulting in e.g. a continuous decline in poverty. This pleasing development entails new opportunities, however, also new challenges.

Vision 2040 - A Stockholm for everyone

A long-term and established vision for Stockholm is needed to boost competitiveness and meet the needs of more residents, companies and visitors. Vision 2040 is a promise to all residents to grow in a sustainable way and make equal opportunities for everyone.

Third place with a purpose - A place to be ABLE

2000 years ago, in ancient Greece, democracy emerged as a result of people gathering at a third place, to address contemporary challenges and create a sustainable society. For a long period of time, the church was the main third place as the center of the village, until various other third places  took its place.

Cultural Creatives - A global movement with world-changing ambitions

There is a growing number of conscious world citizens, known as the ‘Cultural Creatives’ leading the revitalization movement around the globe and changing their societies from within. They are deeply concerned about planetary issues and are dedicated to sustainable thinking.

ABLE Lounge - Empowering people

ABLE Lounge is the operational engine, which breaks down the visions into concrete actions. We empower and inspire people with a holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional well-being. We further guide people towards a sustainable lifestyle and a shared responsibility for a sustainable society.


Breakfast seminars with focus on sustainability

ABLE Foundation are, together with Clarion Sign Hotel and Sweco, Stockholm arranging seminars every other Monday called “A Sustainable Start” with focus on FN:s 17 global sustainability goals. Each seminar highlights one specific goal where experts and sustainability gurus are invited to guide and inspire us in finding ways to be more sustainable.

There is no coincidence that the seminars are held at Clarion Hotel Sign, as Norra Bantorget is now taking the step to become the most sustainable district in Stockholm and a role model for Sweden internationally.

Together we create a scene that hosts dialogues, transformation and change-initiatives embracing a holistic perspective to what sustainable life in the world of tomorrow means for individuals, for businesses and for the society at large. It is about integrating the quality of today’s urban lifestyle with a sustainable mindset.



Järntorget 78, 111 29 Stockholm