Into the new, expanding leadership 20/2


Jessica is a communication and relationship nerd with long experience of driving change in and for organizations. Today, she helps organizations manage change, lead with human sustainability and create from our passion instead of pressure as well as train leaders to relate, communicate and interact with agility and resilience. She is the founder of SOUL LEADERS where she develops leaders in the naturally innate leadership abilities: presence, empathy, authenticity, courage, trust, compassion, creativity and adaptability - Bring your soul to work! With a brilliant mind, strong passion and genuine responsiveness, Jessica creates a challenging, encouraging, safe and open atmosphere that provides an excellent foundation for further development.


Niklas works to raise human consciousness. He has experience of building employee-driven organizations, and of helping organizations and leaders transform in a people-centered direction. Today he runs the research institute Expanding Leadership, where the network organization and leadership needed to enable this are studied. He also works as a leader and organizational advisor, runs educational programs in integrated leadership with anchoring in developmental psychology, and lectures on the topic. In the meeting with Niklas it is the presence that speaks. Presence in the moment, in himself and with those he meets. In this presence, he generously shares his insights and experiences to everyone in need

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